“The last 20 days has shown me being consistent matters. I ate better and when I wanted a snack I reached for veggie instead of chips which is insane. I started going to bed earlier bc them work outs were really getting to me this time lol. I now want to work out because it […]


“I’m definitely stronger, have more stamina, and am a lot less bloated. The challenge encouraged me to move my body more every day and let go of the all or nothing mindset. Also, attending mornings helped me to “jumpstart the day”. There were some mornings I didn’t make it though I intended to, or where […]


“Yay! I made it 21 days…Worked out with you 14 days, averaged 14k steps per day. Lost 7.6 pounds. This challenge was great and inspiring. Most of challenges like this i feel out of place and couldn’t keep up, you were okay as long as I kept moving. I loved your energy. You were amazing. […]