Phitnez 21

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Phitnez 21

Isn't it Time You Get The Body You Deserve?

What can you expect over 3 weeks

Week 1

Week one is all about setting the foundation, selecting meal plans and getting in the routine.

Week 2

Week two we will break down mindset using the guide sent to you by pinpointing when you began these unhealthy habits and how to start a new.

Week 3

Week three is about nailing those results and making sure the healthy habits are instilled.

What does the challenge include?

Body Type

Take the quiz to find out what program works for you ($47)


Home workouts that get results using no equipment ($97)


Work through the necessary habits to make a psychological breakthrough ($47)

​Support Group

Be in a group of encouraging women world wide taking the challenge ($97)

​100 + Recipes

Meal lovers and vegan recipes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks ($157)

Customer Support

​Reach out to PHITNEZ Customer Support Day & Night. Always have someone to turn to and get the best results ($50)

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What people are saying
about Phitnez 21


“The last 20 days has shown me being consistent matters. I ate better and when I wanted a snack I reached for veggie instead of chips which is insane. I started going to bed earlier bc them work outs were really getting to me this time lol. I now want to work out because it makes me feel good. My new goal is to switch from evening classes to morning to get more workouts in, which is also insane cause I like to sleep lol. I have better mental habits now than I ever had before. I absolutely can’t wait to see what happens next challenge.”




“I’m definitely stronger, have more stamina, and am a lot less bloated. The challenge encouraged me to move my body more every day and let go of the all or nothing mindset. Also, attending mornings helped me to “jumpstart the day”. There were some mornings I didn’t make it though I intended to, or where I did make it but I was tired as hell. But getting it done felt good & energized the rest of my day even if it meant taking a nap a little later. I’m not finished; I’m just getting started. Thank you for the energy and this challenge.”




“Yay! I made it 21 days…Worked out with you 14 days, averaged 14k steps per day. Lost 7.6 pounds. This challenge was great and inspiring. Most of challenges like this i feel out of place and couldn’t keep up, you were okay as long as I kept moving. I loved your energy. You were amazing. I felt motivated and looked forward to the boot camps. Looking forward to the next one. “




Thank you very much! I’m down 5lbs and i’m eating right. I also knocked out all the bad crap.

Danielle F.



Thank you so much for your motivation. I feel it looks so good today, my stomach is much flatter, my pants fits so good. All thanks to you

Vickie S.



My legs feel the burn! I completed day 5

Jessie W.


Top 3 transformations win cash rewards*

*Must submit before pictures by 12a EST on Day 1 to be eligible for the reward
1st Place

$1000 Prize

2nd Place

$1000 Prize

3rd Place

$1000 Prize