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What can you expect over from our Glute Guide?

This guide is designed for you if you’re a woman who is frustrated by her inconsistent glute progress. Aka., ‘why won’t my booty grow?!’

Over the next few weeks, you will develop a routine, learn key cues to ensure proper form, and lift heavier than you ever have before. 

It’s time to let the booty grow girl. Sign up now.

What does the Glute Guide include?

Form Cues

Learn how to properly lift with correct breathing and body structure. ($157)

Progression Support

Progressive overload (lifting heavier over time) can be challenging when you aren't sure how much you should lift. Find out when to load up on weight and when to deload ($295)

Videos and Live Sessions

Receive access to video demonstrations of each exercise detailed in the program and receive invites to weekly home lifting sessions ($398)

​Support Group

Be in a group of encouraging women world wide taking the challenge ($97)

Customer Support

​Reach out to #GGYBF Customer Support Day & Night. Always have someone to turn to and get the best results ($50)

The value of $997 only for $75.00

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